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Code of Conduct

For the best convention experience possible, please review the information below. However, please keep in mind that all decisions made by our security chiefs are final.

General Rules

  1. All event participants must wear their badge at all times during the event. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the event unless you can produce proper ID to be issued a new badge (replacement badges must be paid for).
  2. No one may sell products, services, or goods unless they are an approved vendor.
  3. The event safety team, has the final say on all matters of safety and security within the confines of the event.
  4. All event participants must abide by the Harassment Policy.
  5. Despite the fact that we are renting the venue, we are still their guests. Please refrain from behavior that would prevent us from returning to the venue.
  6. Respect the venue staff!

Disruptive Behavior Policy

We have policies to address specifics such as weapons. We also have a general policy that we do not tolerate disruptive behavior of any sort, and we can and will take action when we see something we feel is dangerous or disruptive. The type of action we take may range from a quiet but stern word in private to forcible ejection from the convention, or even criminal charges. (The action taken is solely at our discretion.)

The sorts of things that may trigger such action include fighting (fake or real), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, failure to observe basic hygiene (Foamy the Squirrel says “Use Soap!”), public inebriation (or similar intoxication) in the convention area, or any other failure to follow the rules. Remember, anything illegal outside the venue is illegal inside the venue. If your behavior is clearly problematic, we will deal with it as a problem. Show common courtesy to your fellow convention goers and follow the rules, please!

Line Etiquette

Anyone caught jumping in line will be sent to the rear of the line. You will not be allowed to hold places in any long, competitive lines (ie, for autographs). Lines cannot block entrances or exits, so leave a gap in front of the door.

Camera Policy

  1. Please obtain expressed permission from people before taking their picture, or video recording. If a person says no, please do not take their picture. Even if an individual is in costume, do not assume they wish for their photo to be taken. Likewise, if someone in costume who is ok with their picture being taken is taking a break (eating, sitting, resting in any way, enjoying a show or shopping, etc.) please allow them that restful period. Use good judgement and etiquette to request a photo when they seem ready.
  2. If possible, obtain consent before taking the picture/videorecording. If the nature of the photograph (action or candid) precludes advance consent, please ask for consent after the picture has been taken and be willing to delete digital photos  (or agree not to process if for a film camera) if requested. This is not license to take deliberately awkward, embarrassing or inappropriate photographs.
  3. We acknowledge that there is a difference between being the picture, and being in the picture – by attending this event, you acknowledge that you may inadvertently appear in the background of photographs and/or video recordings, or in general location photos/videos. If you are uncomfortable with appearing in this type of photograph, or in having them published, attendees have the right to inform the photographer of such, and the photographer must abide by those wishes.
  4. When stopping to take photographs in hallways, please be considerate of your fellow members by being brief and not blocking traffic.
  5. Please use discretion with flash photography. Some performers (including our sideshow and fire experts) require intense concentration during their performance – for your safety as well as their own. Please be considerate when photographing performances.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

  1. Please do not over-consume alcohol.
  2. Visibly inebriated persons will be escorted back to their room or off the premises at the discretion of the safety team.
  3. Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 remains illegal and not allowed at any of our events.
  4. Hosts of parties are reminded not serve minors or over-serve adults.
  5. We ask that you do not bring glass containers/bottles onto the dance floor or other high flow traffic areas.
  6. The use of illegal drugs remains illegal and is not permitted at any of our events.

Smoking Policy

We have patrons who are very allergic to smoke and it’s illegal inside enclosed venues.

  1. Most venue policy prohibits smoking inside of the venue or within 25 feet of the hotel entrance. This includes both tobacco and non tobacco products.
  2. No smoking inside of tents.
  3. Please be considerate and dispose of your cigarette butts properly.
  4. Please refrain from using electronic smoking devices in the event spaces.


The views and opinions of vendors, performers, presenters, and guests of the event do not necessarily reflect those of Silver Phoenix Society and its employees.

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