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Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • Be dependable and communicative.
    Once you are accepted and confirmed as a volunteer, keep in contact with Volunteering staff leading up to the event.
  • Please report to your shifts on time. 
    Please find out where you are supposed to be ahead of time and arrive to the area 15 minutes early to report in, wearing your volunteer t-shirt.
  • Attend orientation with a Volunteer Coordinator before your shift starts.
    Orientation for volunteers is mandatory. You will be emailed with information on your orientation times.  At orientation, you will learn about the duties and responsibilities of your role and meet senior staff, and other volunteers.
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably for your shift.
    Wear pants and shoes that are comfortable to walk, stand, and move around in. If you were given a volunteer t-shirt, please be sure to wear it.
  • Be respectful of senior event and hotel staff.
    Remember that we are all working together for a common goal!  Events can be stressful working environments, though, and misunderstandings and disagreements can happen. Use your best judgement and remain professional at all times.  If you feel that you have been given incorrect instructions or that you have been treated disrespectfully, do not argue with staff or attendees. Go directly to a Volunteer Coordinators and explain the situation to them; they are there to help you!
  • Please do not abuse your role or granted power as a volunteer.
    Volunteers are very highly-regarded and are invaluable members of our team. They are often granted access to important information and given power and privilege as a normal part of their role. Please do not abuse the privileges you are given. Do not use your power or status to curry favors for yourself or others. We take infractions very seriously and anyone found breaking this rule, whether volunteer or staff, will be removed from the event immediately and banned from working any and all future events.
  • While you are volunteering for an event, you are representing SPS.
    Volunteering is a job, like any other, and requires professionalism. Conduct yourself appropriately. Do your best to remain calm if conflict arises and find a Volunteer Coordinator to assist you.

Volunteers are also expected to read and abide by the Harassment Policy and the general Event Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Pledge

As a volunteer for the Silver Phoenix Society, you may get access to information that needs to be kept safe for the protection of our attendees, presenters, guests, vendors, performers, your fellow volunteers, SPS, and of course, yourself.

As an SPS volunteer, you pledge to:

  • Not share or disclose any personal or private information about attendees, presenters, performers, vendors, staff, or volunteers with unauthorized parties.
  • Not share or disclose any sensitive business information or practices related to SPS and/or the event with unauthorized parties.
  • Only share sensitive information about an individual or incident with responding medical or law enforcement professionals when you have consent from the individual(s) involved (when possible) or in cases of life or death situations.

As always, use your best judgement. If in doubt, assume they are unauthorized and ask a member of the SPS staff. We’re here to support you!

Requirements to Volunteer

Please note that in order to volunteer with SPS, you:

  1. Must be 18 years old or older before the event starts.
  2. Must fill out the appropriate Volunteer Application for the event you wish to volunteer for.
  3. Must not be a registered sex offender in any state in the Unites States.
  4. Must not be on our event or volunteer-specific ban lists.

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